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Student Projects 15 Augst 2019

Language Projects

2 Projects consist of an academic essay & creative writing poster.

WORLD Project

Students should create a concept book to plan a trip to a country of their choice.

FL/Business Project

Students should create a business that will be executed next term within a business expo.

Basic Budget Excel Sheet

Student Worksheet File

Health & Fitness

Student Worksheet File

Learn By Making – Class Research Project – 13/05/2019

Student Worksheet File

To be completed on 13 May, to be handed in on 14 May before 09:10

Research File

Process Of Elimination – Class Discussions – 07/05/2019

Download Digital Project File

Class Discussions – 16/04/2019

Problem Solving – Class Discussions – 06/05/2019

Download Digital Project File

Class Discussions – 16/04/2019

Pragmatic vs. Mature business – Class Discussions – 29/04/2019

Class Discussions – 16/04/2019

Math Inspiration – Fibonacci numbers

The process of procrastination

Stop Animation Info & Research Videos

Project Brief:

Due date: 26 April 2019

Click HERE for project rubric with research & questions to be answered.

Project sould be presented in book form, book requirements:

  • Ring bind or flip file (Amiato provide ring bind services at R5 per bind)
  • Cover page
  • Index
  • Research consist of provided papers & own research, this can be printed or writen.

Final video can be provided on a memmory stick or disc. If student wantto make a animation booklet (as discussed in class) they are also welcome.

Students can use their phones (along with a free app), camera (Amiato also provides an ADSL camera for student use) or other technology available. 

Amiato provides space in class for student animation setup if necessary allong with a computer for image processing. 


Award winning – Playfull Salad

Best Storyline

Perfection & Quality


Stop Animation - Storyline


Reading Exercises

Prepared Reading