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I hereby confirm that my son, YOURESAN NAIDOO, was home-schooled from grade 10 to 12. He passed grade 12 in 2017 through the AMIATO CENTRE using the IMPAQ curriculum.

I found the staff at AMIATO easy to communicate with, accessible and willing to go the extra length to assist where they could. I would recommend AMIATO to any parent for an alternative to the regular school system.

I may be contacted for further information on 0829206628

Kumarie Naidoo

Ek het my graad 11 en 12 by Amiato voltooi.  Amiato se omgewing is pure liefde en aanmoediging.  Dit is ‘n veilige en rustige plek om te leer.  Die fasiliteerders is vriendelik en behulpsaam en moedig jou aan wanneer jy dit nodig het.  Amiato is die beste van die beste.

Impaq se studiemateriaal is duidelik, verstaanbaar en maklik om te leer.

Ek het my NSS met volle universiteitstoelating verwerf.  Ek sal Amiato enige tyd aanbeveel.

Elani Venter

Taylor did her matric year through Impaq at Amiato Centre.

It was the best decision I made, I wish I had known sooner about Impaq and Amiato, as she had the desire to do well and pass.  The support and assistance she received was outstanding!!  The subjects that she struggled in were a breeze for her in matric this time, with one on one tutors for those difficult subjects.

The staff at Amiato and the principal Yolande Venter were marvellous!  She had hands on assistance and was like a different child.  Taylor had issues at school, but Amiato was a safe platform with constant assistance and encouragement.

I constantly refer parents to Amiato who ask about Homeschooling, you will be making the best decision in your child’s life!!

Corleen Roberts

I met Yolanda Venter in 2005 at Nesher Private School situated in Delmas.

She gave class to my eldest daughter, Chante from Gr4 to Gr7 and I had so much trust and confidence in her as a teacher that we decided to put my other daughter, Bianca in her home school centre from 2008-2009 where she completed her Grade 5 and 6 with success.

We have experienced Yolanda Venter as a dedicated teacher that will go out of her way to help a child to succeed in his schoolwork. I have not found a more passionate teacher anywhere else.

Yolanda puts her heart and soul in her school. She has always exceeded our expectations as parents.

Both my daughters are successful students. My eldest daughter is a second year Chartered Accountant Clerk with BOO and her sister is a third year B-ED student at North West University. Istrongly believe that Yolanda Venter has had a strong influence on my daughter’s positive attitude towards learning and making a success in life.

Helma Steyn