Meet Our Team

Melandri Pieters

” To me homeschooling is school with the feeling of home. Home is safe, home is warm and home is love. Growing up in a homeschool environment I’ve experienced the benefits firsthand. You get to know your strengths and even when challenged by your shortcomings you learn that there is a solution to every problem and you will find it.

My heart for the Impaq group is that they learn who they are and grow in what makes them unique. Each of our students deserves to be the best version of themselves and we want to help them find it. We offer hands on facilitating teaching them that they can do anything they put their minds to.

We walk this journey with them step by step.”

– Melandri Pieters

Skills Development

Nelis Pieters

Growing up, I would have never imagined to become a teacher. It did not make sense to go to school for 12 years, study for 4 years and go back to school for the rest of my life! So I decided to become a multi-media designer instead…

After my first year of Design College (Greenside Design Centre) I worked at a company, corresponding with multiple different industries varying from construction, retail, food, education and more. I realised by working with so many people, in different areas, industries, cultures and places, that there were so many things I did not get taught in school. I had to learn these skills on my own or from sitting with experienced people and learning from them directly. A passion for teaching was born when I took over the pre GED phase at Amiato, to develop useful and necessary skills in our young generation.

I am now busy with my degree to become a qualified teacher, while implanting useful skills, knowledge & values into outside-the-box-thinkers.”

– Nelis Pieters

GR 1

Yolanda Venter

My heart desire was always to be a mom. When I became a mom something inside of me came into existence.

I knew I was called to see children being touched by life that flows through me. I have been busy with children`s development for 23 years (2019). My children became Amiato. The passion and skills I invested in them taught me how to deal with the challenges that most kids battle with. My husband, my children they made me who I am. Each child whose life I touched made me who I am. To work is not a work, it is a passion driving me to love your child unconditionally. To touch their lives, to touch your life and to see life.

– Yolanda Venter

GR 3


“Growing up I’ve always said that I want to help make a difference in people’s lives, because I have a passion for children I have decided to become a teacher at Amiato. Having my two boys in the school is the best decision I have made”

– Larnè

GR 4

Amori Sakulias

“When people ask me why I brought my son to Amiato, the answer was easy – I wanted Greg to feel safe. To me it was about a place where my child could learn and grow in a loving family environment without the pressure of a government school. Today I’m not only a very happy parent where my child is happy and blossoming, but I also work in an environment hoping to make all children’s future ambitions a reality. I have always been passionate about helping children to find their uniqueness. I teach them with love, patience, kindness and gentleness.”

– Amori Sakulias

IMPAQ Grade 8-12

Diane van Niekerk

“I have been teaching for the last 44 years as a qualified teacher from Gr1-11.  Experience from teaching in the Middle East & Angola as well as teachers at JHB University has placed the holistic development of each and every South African child very close to my heart. I aim to assist each and every child in my class both academically and emotionally with the help of parents. I believe that holistic & complete development of young students will lead to a country that is great.”

– Diane van Niekerk