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Location: 38 Hubert Mathew Road Illiondale
Telephone: 011 524 0335
Email: info@amiato.co.za
School Hours: Mon-Thu: 8am – 2pm


Our Mission & Vision

Amiato – Loving Amiable Family, building relationships and support.

A Word

From Our Principal

My heart desire was always to be a mom. When I became a mom something inside of me came into existence.

I knew I was called to see children being touched by life that flows through me. I have been busy with children`s development for 23 years (2019). My children became Amiato. The passion and skills I invested in them taught me how to deal with the challenges that most kids battle with. My husband, my children they made me who I am. Each child whose life I touched made me who I am. To work is not a work, it is a passion driving me to love your child unconditionally. To touch their lives, to touch your life and to see life.

– Yolanda Venter

A Word

From Our Head Boy

“My name is Jaden Adams.

I am 15 years old and I am the head boy at Amiato Learning Centre.

I have been there since last year October. Since I have been there it has changed my view of academics and the way of learning. Amiato is not just a learning centre its a home. All the kids feel safe when they are at Amiato. Amiato gives children a chance where they can learn about life skills and how to portray themselves in the near future. The teachers sit and listen to the pupils’ problem and help them fix it. They teach the pupils about respect towards themselves and others.

– Jaden Adams


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Location: 38 Hubert Mathew Road Illiondale

Telephone: 011 524 0335

Cell: 072 406 3107

Email: info@amiato.co.za

School Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am – 2pm