Amiato policies

Cell Phone Policy

Any and all communication via social media is and remains the responsibility of the parent. This is a private matter and does not involve the Centre at all.

It is advisable that communication with classmates over social media is minimal.

1. Liability

Technology and Cell phones are not allowed at Amiato (except for the concessions below). If emergencies, please know Amiato has a landline and Cell phone available. Amiato takes no responsibility for cell phones of learners, staff or visitors once they enter the centre grounds. Theft or damage to cell phones or other electronic devices will not be regarded as an Amiato matter.


2. Protocol for students that need to bring cell phones (Special Concessions)

2.1 Cell phones are switched off on entering the ground of the school. As soon as learners report to the Home Classroomin the morning, all cell phones will be placed in the Cell Phone Storage Unit provided. The class teacher will lock the Cell Phone Storage Unit. At the end of the academic day, the responsible class teacher will unlock the UNIT and distribute the cell phones. Cell phones may only be switched on once students are no longer on the centre premises.
2.2 Having a cell phone in their possession, using a cell phone or not handing in their cell phone for safe keeping, represents a contravention of the Cell Phone Policy.
2.3 Contravention of Cell Phone Policy: This policy runs for a 36 month period
2.3.1 First Contravention a) Students who contravene the Cell Phone Policy will have their cell phone removed for14 days. b) The cell phones will be logged with the HEAD: School Family Affairs and stored in the School Safe.
2.3.2 Second Contravention a) Students who continue to contravene the Cell Phone Policy will have their cell phone removed for 40 school days.
2.3.3 Third Contravention a) Repeat offenders will lose the right to have a cell phone at school and bringing a cell phone to school will result in it being confiscated for the entire Academic Year. b) Students who contravene the Cell Phone Policy and experience the removal of their cell phone for a period of time, may apply in writing to HEAD: Student Affairs giving a detailed explanation as to why the phone was used in the school environment. Depending on the student’s Disciplinary Rating and Record, the Head: School Family Affairs may or may not review the length of time that the phone will be removed.
2.4 Special Concessions:
2.4.1 Students going through trauma as a result of an event and who need to keep their cell phones with them in order to be contactable may apply in writing to the HEAD: Student Affairs for a SPECIAL PERMIT.
2.4.2 EMERGENCY CALLS: Students who need to make an emergency call about plans for after school collection or sport arrangements may request for the phone to be released during the 10 minute period before lunch break. Students will then use this time make the call and immediately return it to the STORAGE UNIT.
2.4.3 Children of Divorce parents switching homes.

3. Protocol for Staff

3.5.1 Teaching staff are prohibited from using their cell phones during the facilitating.
3.5.2 Special Concession for cell phone usage will be restricted to the use of cell phones when the landline is disconnected . When the abovementioned protocol is contravened the Disciplinary Process for Staff members will be followed.

4. Protocol for students that need to bring cell phones, Tablets and Laptops – Skills Development and GED students.

4.1 The Skills Development and GED learners use their phones, laptops and tablets in class for research and study purposes.
4.2 Phones are to be left in class during break and computer screens must always be visible.