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CAPS ( AMIATO uses the Impaq Curriculum as one of their legs in High School for a child to obtain his South African Matric)

A structured curriculum with assessments that was compiled by the South African Department of Basic Education. It prescribes what teachers must do for every subject down to the hour. This approach has all the benefits and disadvantages of a structured curriculum, plus some additional ones.

2.1. Benefits

The national curriculum can be used to transfer the values (as stated in the intention of CAPS) of the current government to the next generation, in order to ensure that the next generation will vote for the current government in future. On 18 March 2014, Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga, tweeted: “It is my duty to help educate the people of South Africa on how to vote for the ANC.”

Having a single national curriculum gives the state total control over learners and teachers. The state can easily monitor the progress of each learner (by means of the EMIS system) and prescribe to the finest detail what teachers must do.

2.2. Disadvantages

If CAPS transfers values to learners that differ from the values that parents subscribe to, it negatively affects the relationship between learners and parents and through this contributes to the breakdown of families. Parental involvement in education is one of the most important factors determining the success of education. If CAPS negatively affects the relationship between parents and learners, it will affect parental involvement and in turn affect the success of education.

All the information on the academic achievement is easily accessible to state officials (using EMIS), but not to parents. This is an invasion of the privacy of the family, but it also gives the state power over parents. This information can be used to take custody away from parents, and since parents do not have access to EMIS they have very little information to defend themselves against the state.

CAPS requires reports and a portfolio of evidence that can only be provided by curriculum suppliers. Since compiling reports and a portfolio of evidence are very time consuming in a home environment, it makes home education based on CAPS expensive.

In the introduction of CAPS it states that it is based on static body of “knowledge, skills and values worth learning” that is transmitted to learners. In the 21st century where information is readily available, it is not relevant anymore to master a static body of knowledge, but to be know how to continuously learn new knowledge. This makes CAPS ill-suited for the 21st century.

The analysis of a remedial phycologist has shown that CAPS is actually harmful to children. Click here to read the article.

Although CAPS was designed for schools, it is not even suitable for schools, because it places such an enormous burden on teachers that they lose the passion for teaching. Click here for a radio program on this.

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