Amiato info

Parent Meeting 17 Jan 2019

Good evening Parents and Guardians,

We would like to welcome you to the first information evening of 2019.

What does Amiato mean
It is an amiable name that means Family, connection and relationships.

Introduce my family;
I am a mom. I have no teaching diploma or teaching degree. I became a teacher when I fell pregnant. I made sure my children were loved by me. They knew they were the most important possession I could have, and I treasured that. I made sure they were taught to love, to have empathy, respect and a work discipline. I was always involved with my children at nursery school and Sunday classes. I became involved in formal teaching when Melandri was in grade 4. I taught Marco how to sound and read in gr R.  Melandri was 13 years old when she helped me to facilitate and she was exposed to teaching. When Melandri was 15 or 16 she was my partner in our first business URIB Planner. We did event planning. We had an office at Flora Farm, and she developed a great work ethic. Melandri was not on any box curriculum until she had to write her matric. She is Afrikaans and she did her Cambridge HIGCSE phase. She was 17 when she finished school. She left for Bloemfontein for a gap year at Creare. When she came back, we got involved in teaching again when we moved to Edenglen.

When my son was in Grade 3 I made the decision to homeschool him. I taught him to be an entrepreneur. When he was 11, he had a very successful business selling Mala and chicken to the domestic workers. My son made interesting choices. He quit school. Did his Computer A+ and N+ and then he had to do his FET phase gr 10, 11 and 12.

He completed it and helped out at Amiato as a facilitator. He took a gap year and he is currently second year at the golf academy.

I would NEVER mess with their futures, and that is my promise to you. They always had to come second because I always made sure, and still do today, that other parent’s children received the best from me. Maybe it is because I knew they are strong enough.

What my children did became Amiato Learning Centre.

We are not a registered school nor a registered independent school. We are however a registered civil educational institute. If we register as a school, we cannot be what we are for your child. Then we will only copy the system. You as a parent homeschool your child. Your child is not in a home school centre, when they are with us. Your child attends a learning centre.

The curriculum we use:

Preschool: A developed themed curriculum, we focus on learn by play.
Grade 1 to 7 Eclectic phase
From grade 4 ~ 7 we add unit studies to the above.
Assessments gr 1 ~ 3 works on continuous assessments. Your child will receive a progress report each term.
Gr 4~7 English, Maths and Afrikaans will have continuous assessments.

For more about the curriculums, click here

Unit studies (combined history, geography, natural science and life skills) will be done by projects, interactive worksheets and the child’s skills development will be tested.

Our Highschool has 2 legs.

Grade 8 ~12 Impaq curriculum which is Caps compliant. Your child will receive a recognized South African matric certificate.
Yes, your child will be able to go to University, all depending on your child’s subject choice and TPA score.


Pre GED/ skills development group. This is done by a company called Mediakim.

The focus is on introducing the children to business skills, website designing, graphic designing, photography, music, English and Maths u see (the American program)

When your child reaches the age of 17, they can enroll for GED which is the American curriculum.

How the structure works:

Each teacher will have their classroom to manage. I will manage my own classroom and any situation that cannot be resolved between parent and teacher.

Appointment procedure

How to communicate with us. Please know we cannot answer any calls during class times. You are welcome to send an email to
Our new communication website will be live from next week. The website will have a password and you will have access to all the important resources and information.

Health and risks
If your child has the following please keep your child at home and take him/her to doctor

High fever

The following needs to be cleared by doctor/clinic

German measles
And any other childhood diseases

Fighting, swearing and bullying will not be tolerated.
This will be treated as serious and it will be dealt with according to the student code of conduct.